Executive Board

Executive Board (2016-2017)


President EnTing Lee


Enting Lee is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying English Literature, Government and Philosophy. Apart from debating in the Worlds format with the CSDS, she works in the ILR Communications Department and takes long walks around campus. She is an avid fan of coffee and fluffy animals.

Vice President External Rubin Danberg-Biggs


Rubin Danberg-Biggs is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a double major in government and economics. Rubin facilitates the Finger Lakes Residential Facility Debate Program and is a teaching assistant for the Auburn Debate Society at the Auburn Correctional Facility. If you're looking to fight crime, Rubin would gladly introduce you to the seedy underworld of Gotham. He also likes sports.

Vice President Internal Justin Liu

Secretary Brittany Garcia

Brittany Garcia is a sophomore in the ILR School and the student with the strongest southern accent on the team. She is a passionate debater, note-taker, and runner.

Treasurer Alex Chakrin

Alex Chakrin is a senior in the ILR School and an active member of the pre-law fraternity with a number of greek letters in its name.

Tech Chair Lauren Kelly

Lauren Kelly is a junior in the ILR School and a member of the Worlds debate team. With a fear of heights, she summited Table Mountain in Cape Town (technically on a gondola) and tried to go Paragliding (defeated, sadly, by high winds).

Athletics Director Zachary Rosenof

Zach Rosenof was nominated by first-ever Athletics Director Alexander Sargent Lewis, a current first-year student at Yale Law (NBD), to take over as coordinator of all intramural teams and athletics events for CSDS members.

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Anna YangPosted on2:11 am - Sep 27, 2016

To whom is may concern,

My name is Anna Yang and I am a student from Canada. I am currently a member of Canada’s WSDC delegation, going to Bali for the World Championship’s next summer. Debate is a large part of my life, and I plan to continue to participate and compete throughout my undergraduate years in university.

I am posting to inquire about Cornell University’s debate program. I’m currently a high school senior, and Cornell is my top choice. As such, I have some questions about the debate program at your school, and would greatly appreciate any sort of guidance you could provide me.

To start, how early can I start getting involved in debate/is there a novice program for freshmen? If so, what entails the selection process? Is there any prep I can do ahead of time?

Thank you very much for your time! I look forward to your correspondence.


Anna Yang

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