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ByLindsay Bing

Cornell wins 2012 Yale IV!

Cornell rounded off a successful week of debate with a stunning victory at the 2012 Yale Inter-Varsity Tournament, America’s most prestigious and difficult Worlds Format Debate tournament. Cornell sent 8 teams to the tournament – including many novices. There were over 170 teams in the tournament from across Canada and the United States.

The team of Alex Bores ’13 and Danny Blackman ’13 defeated teams from the University of Toronto, Harvard and Stanford Universities in this year’s final. They were 1st Government on the motion “This House Believes That Conscripted Soldiers Who Are Following Orders Should Not Be Prosecuted for War Crimes”.

ByLindsay Bing

PETA vs. Cornell Forensics Society

Should sex and celebrities be used to promote social change?

Watch the Cornell Forensics Society take on PETA Vice President Dan Mathews. Mathews, who launched PETA’s (in?)famous campaign “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” nude on the streets of Tokyo, will be defending this brand of activism.

Following their speeches, Mathews and Cornell’s debaters will be grilled by audience members. If you agree with PETA’s methods or cannot stand them, have an opinion on how social movements are done right or simply want to learn more, don’t miss this event!


A must see for anyone in the Cornell community passionate about animal rights, social justice, and advocacy of all kinds.

ByLindsay Bing

Cornell Forensics Society co-sponsors Santorum-Dean Debate

On Thursday, October 18th, the Cornell Forensics Society co-sponsored a public debate between former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. The debate was moderated by no other than our very own Sam Nelson.

You can catch the entire debate here on Fox News:

Or read about it on the Cornell Chronicle:

ByLindsay Bing

Cornell Excels at Hart House IV 2012

The University of Toronto’s annual tournament was held this year from October 12 – 14. The competition included over 80 teams, including Yale, McGill, Queens and other universities from North America.  Cornell was represented by 6 teams, and broke 3 teams into the varsity break.

Julius Kairey ’15 and Justin Ying ’16 were in the Quarter-finals. Kirat Singh ’14 and Ryan Yeh ’13 were in the semi-finals. Alex Bores ’13 and Danny Blackman ’13 were in the finals.

ByLindsay Bing

Cornell’s strong start to the 2012-13 Season

The Cornell Forensics Society traveled to the Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY to kick off the season with a Worlds format debate tournament. Cornell’s novice debaters did especially well, closing out the Novice Final to ensure a Cornell win in the Novice Division. The results are as follows:

4 teams made it to the varsity semi-finals: Brian Roxas and Spencer Sheaff, Maggie Heinichen and Jiali Li, Srinath Reddy and Christine Yu, Ryan Yeh and Kirat Singh.

4 of the top 10 speakers were from Cornell: Srinath Reddy, Brian Roxas, Kirat Singh and Ryan Yeh.

4 teams made the Novice Finals: Aditi Bhowmick and Elad Drori, Catherine Chen and Maheer Iqbal, Justin Ying and Jevan Hutson made finals and the team of Emily Kling and Jesse Weissman won the tournament.

Benjamin Leff, Justin Ying and Peaky Yuter were among the top 10 Novice Speakers.