2012-2013 Achievements (Speech)

Speech Team Achievements 2012-2013

Fall Semester 2012

Seaton Hall, October 20th-21st

  • Christine Yo: Prose 2nd Place
  • Gelsey Beaubrun: 4TH Persuasion
  • Jay Wexler: 1st Impromptu, 6th Extemp
  • Nicole Nakakura: 6th Persuasion
  • Spencer Sheaff: 1st POI, 2nd Extemp, 4th Impromptu, 6th Informative, 5th Individual Sweepstakes

Bowling Green State University, November 10th-11th

  • Nicole Nakakura: 4th Prose, 5th Persuasion, 6th Long Form Impromptu
  • Spencer Sheaff: 3rd Long Form Impromptu, 3rd POI, 3rd Extemp, 4th Impromptu, 4th Individual Sweepstakes


Spring Semester 2013

Bowling Green State University, February 23rd-24th

  • Gelsey Beaubrun: 6th Long Form Impromptu

Cedar Crest Community College-Districts 7, March 2nd-3rd

  • Anthony Hawkins: 2nd Prose
  • Christine Yo: 5th Poetry, 6th Impromptu
  • Gelsey Beaubrun: 2nd Extemp, 3rd Persuasive, and 4th Impromptu
  • Nicole Nakakura: 7th After Dinner Speaking
  • Spencer Sheaff: 1st Extemp, 1st Informative, 2nd Impromptu, 5th POI

NFA National April 18th– 22nd

CFS sent 4 competitors: (Anthony Hawkins, Christine Yo, Gelsey Beaubrun, Spencer Sheaff) with 7 entries. Though no one broke to quarterfinals, several competitors were close. Overall, Cornell Ranked 10th in the Presidents III Division.