Cornell Policy Debate Tournament

October 20-22, 2017
Cornell University, Ithaca New York

Tournament registration is due by Monday, October 16, 5:00 pm US ET at

On the day of the tournament, we ask that you check-in by sending us a ‘departure’ email (en route, all teams accounted for) and then a follow-up ‘arrival’ email by 9:00 pm to indicate that everyone arrived and to notify us of any registration changes (teams, judge, etc). Send the email to Armands Revelins (

Each school must bring one judge for every two teams that are registered (N/2). We will have a very limited number of hired judges available. 

Alfred C. Snider World Schools Tournament

Friday - Sunday, October 27-29, 2017

Location: Cornell University, Main Campus in Ithaca, NY

Download the event flier for more information: Cornell_AlfredSniderTournament Flier(OCT2017)

Registration: To sign up, please fill out the form here. For any questions, contact Maja Cimerman, Assistant Debate Coach, at


2017 Cornell Worlds Tournament

Cornell Trifecta Tournament of Love
February 11-12, 2017 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Novice National Championship
Teams must be comprise of two novice speakers. Novice is defined as anyone in their first academic year of college debate of any format. Hybrids and non-U.S. universities welcome.

Spanish-Language Inter-Varsity
All Spanish-Language entries are kindly asked to bring a Spanish-speaking judge. N=1 for contingents of 1, otherwise N-1. Hybrids welcome. We will do our best to recruit local Spanish-speaking judges but they may have little to no debate experience.

English-Language Inter-Varsity
The tournament for the students who want to compete in English and aren’t novices. Hybrids welcome.

All divisions will have

FIVE rounds of preliminary debating
FIVE rounds of extended open adjudication
APPROPRIATE NUMBER of out-rounds for the size of each division
SNOW-RELATED activities and complaints
HOT CHOCOLATE alllll day long

Fees: $125 per team for Novice and English-language IV
Spanish Language teams FREE
Bulk discounts available!

Judging Requirement: N-1 for combined N of Novice and English IV teams
N=1 for Spanish teams unless N exceeds 1, then N-1.

Please email registration to Lindsay Bing at Please indicate which division your teams will compete in!
All reg details must be sent by February 7, 2016.


Check out this handy guide to the Cornell Worlds Tournaments this weekend!